1-1 Specialist Mental Health Awareness in your Practice - Dos and Dont's Training for the workplace

1 Day Specialist Training

AAB Certification


Unfortunately not every Client that chooses your practice will fully know or understand what it is that you can offer them neither will they all understand what they are agreeing to. This situation poses grave problems for you as the Practitioner and unnecessary anxiety and negative outcomes for the Client. 

We also know that not all Clients are self aware and body dysmorphia is becoming more apparent in Clients requesting Aesthetic Procedures when they do not require them.

Our 1 Day course will discuss and demonstrate some of the difficult dilemmas that may become apparent in your day to day Aesthetic practice. Our Lead Expert in Mental Health has nearly 30 years experience to share with you when working with Clients who require knowledge and compassion in this specialist field.


During the training we will assist you in making difficult decisions and prepare you with a mental health first aid box of do's and dont's in given situations. We will also share our experiences of when to involve your Allied Health Professional Colleagues and when there is a potential safeguarding situation that you must act upon for the Clients safety and well being whilst also safeguarding your own practice and Registration Pin.


We know that poor management of Clients presenting with mental health difficulties and dealing with those Clients that present with non mental health personality disorders can lead to serious complaints about you and your practice and even lead to time consuming and expensive insurance claims.


We aim to learn you how to spot the signs that a situation with a Client may go negatively and we will show you how can de-escalate any potential problems. 


Ultimately the positive mental health of your Clients and potential Clients is as important pre and post Aesthetic procedure as the outcome of the procedure itself. We aim to safeguard you and your Clients during our 1 day Mental Heath Awareness Course so you and your Clients are safeguarded from a potential negative outcome and where to signpost the Client to access help if needed on the day they present to you for treatment.  










*Did you know? We offer discounts on other Aesthetic and Beauty Course if booked on the day of training*   


Duration 1 Day Theory